The Arizona State Fair is starting on September 23rd and runs through October 30th, 2022.  There are so many fun things happening at the fair this year.  Get ready, the Omnium Circus is coming to town.  They will have several performances at the fair from September 29th through October 8th, 2022. See the diverse cast perform their daring feats.  They are known as the World’s Most Inclusive Circus.  Don’t miss the Figure 8 Racing in the grandstand.  A heart stopping race that is always fun to see which is the last car still in the race!  It wouldn’t be the Arizona State Fair without a rodeo.  The All-Indian Rodeo will have bull riding, roping and wrestling.  Towards the end of the fair, you won’t want to miss the All-Star Monster Trucks.  Separate tickets may be required, so visit for more information.