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In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month, come join us for a night of glamour and self-care at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel. Our fashion show will showcase the latest trends while promoting mental wellness and self-care. Treat yourself to a night of luxury and relaxation as we celebrate the importance of taking care of your mental health. Get ready to be inspired and pampered at this unique event!

This event is to raise for youth wellness programming, and to celebrate the work of community members involved in the Mental Health/Wellness Industry. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK!

Be prepared to be pampered, catered to and entertained while basking in a luxurious setting, with a plant-based dinner, herbal tea tastings, Mental Wellness Gifts and a Selfie Portrait, and MORE! This event will boost your Mental Wellness and provide you with tools and information to sustain it. THE VIP EXPERIENCE IS AVAILABLE TO ENHANCE YOUR SELF-CARE TOOLS!

Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel is located at 100 N 1st Street, in Phoenix.  Visit for more information: https://www.humanity360for365.org/